Because of the unique engineering challenges that may arise during application discovery, it’s critical to ensure that your expansion joints supplier has the design, manufacturing, and testing experience necessary to develop products for real-world applications.

Powering a Third Century of Innovation

ADSCO has the design, manufacturing & testing experience to deliver high-quality, dependable products for long-term performance. Whether it’s movement, cycle life, hydrotesting, X-ray, non-destructive NDE, heat treatment, special materials or procedures, we have seen it all.


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Setting the Standard for the Industry

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Whether it’s a planned outage or emergency repair ADSCO is well aware of the critical nature of the application.

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Turbine crossover bellows type expansion joints: From the early pioneering days of Westinghouse and General Electric, ASDCO’s type expansion joints have been supplied as original equipment and refurbishments to every size power plant running today. Throughout the plant, simpler bellows type joints can also be found. Unique exhaust type expansion joints are common in many gas fired peaking plants.

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FCCU: Fluid catalyst cracking units, are probably the most demanding application for any expansion joint in your plant. Significant pressures, extreme operating temperatures, chemical compatibility with the bellow’s wetted surfaces and erosion from the catalyst can make these quite a challenge. The expansion joint is an important components used in the FCC steam side of the process.

Ready for any temp or pressure rating.

Heat exchangers are another common piece of equipment in your plant. Since 1877, ADSCO has grown with the industry. No matter what the temperature or pressure rating ADSCO has seen it.

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Adsco Chemical

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Chemical compatibility and temperature are key issues we find in dealing with chemical process applications. ADSCO can make metal bellows out of almost any weldable and bendable material. From relative common stainless steels to the Hastelloy’s and Inconel’s, we’ve made it.

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District Heating and Cooling

ADSCO is short for “American District Steam Company” – we literally invented this application. We can manufacture and supply the very best slip type or bellows expansion joints. Steam, condensate, chilled water, air, gas – you name it – our engineers are ready to assist you with system analysis and product selection. ADSCO started in 1877 by helping to invent the district heating and cooling industry. Although we’ve expanded to every other industrial application, we remain the standard for district heating and cooling.

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A Century of Innovation Built from Superior Engineering

Our team of skilled engineers brings decades of expertise that builds off a knowledge base of hands-on experience developing slip joints for every specification in the steam, petroleum, chemical, and power production markets for bellows-type and slip-type expansion joints.

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