ADSCO Manufacturing Covid-19 Statement

This is to announce that Adsco Mfg, LLC continues to place the health and safety of all its employees and customers as a top priority to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. We have been implementing the measures stated below to tackle the coronavirus infection.

All of our employees will make their utmost efforts to overcome this situation. We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of our business partners and all those concerned.

Note: The measures below are current as of March 10th. We currently do not have any instances of infections. Please be aware these measures might be subject to change depending on the situation and regulations.


Actions of the Company’s Employees

1. Health management and prevention of infection on daily basis

  • Wash hands, and disinfect hands and fingers with alcohol
  • Practice cough etiquette
  • If an employee has a fever (37 C or higher), malaise, or the same symptoms as the common cold, the employee should stay home. In these cases, an industrial physician will check their temperature and symptoms to determine whether or not to go to work

2. Measures to be taken if an employee or related person becomes infected

  • We follow the instructions of industrial physicians and the healthcare center that are responsible for the infected person’s workplace.
  • To prevent the spread of infection, the employees who had close contact with the infected person will stay home for 14 days in principle.
  • Employees other than those identified to have close contact will resume their work after the workplace is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Please note that all the company’s production locations in Buffalo, NY are currently maintaining operations, and there is no significant impact on product supply.

As the coronavirus is still spreading around the world, however, the company will continue to carefully observe the situation and take actions to minimize the impact on customers.