Slip-Type "RB" Ram-Pak Expansion Joint

Single - Flanged Ends - 300lb

The “RB” Ram-Pak Slip-Type piping expansion joint is the hybrid of our packing options. With both the Gland packing and the Ram packing methods, this product offers the “belt and suspenders” for operator maintenance.

The combination of Ram and Gland packing assures sealing performance many years into the future. Like the IS expansion joint, the gland allows future removing and replacing the packing without removing the joint from the line.

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Standard Dimensions

Slip-Type "RB" Ram-Pak Expansion Joint

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Product Features

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product highlights of adsco slip type expansion joints

Slip-Type “RJ” Ram-Pak Expansion Joint

1. Body2. Bases3. Slip4. Integral Internal And External Guides5. Ram6. ADSCO Shut-off Valve7. ADSCO-R-Pak8. Limit Stops

1. Body

Body is carbon steel, fabricated to close tolerances. Body can be furnished with either a flanged or welding end. Flanged ends are faced and drilled in accordance with ANSI Standards.

2. Bases

BASES for single joints are optional. Because single expansion joints frequently are subject to main anchor loading in piping systems, bases for single Ram-Pak Expansion Joints are designed so that with proper selection of bolting material they may be used as main anchors. Intermediate anchor bases are finished on all double joints.

3. Slip

SLIP of carbon steel, accurately machined and plated with chrome over nickel as standard or with hard chrome plating; minimum .002" total thickness. Plating can be certified by Permascope inspection per ASTM Standard B-499.

4. Integral Internal And External Guides

INTEGRAL INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL GUIDES are of non ferrous material to insure close tolerance guiding without scratching or scoring the highly polished carbon steel, chrome plated slip.

5. Ram

RAM The ram packing cylinders are carbon steel, welded in place and have internal acme thread in body and external acme thread on the ram and are design for injection of semi-plastic self-lubricating packing under full line pressure.

6. ADSCO Shut-off Valve

ADSCO SHUT-OFF VALVE ¼ turn shut-off Valve prevents blowback of packing under full line pressure.

7. ADSCO-R-Pak

ADSCO-R-PAK Semi-plastic, self-lubricating packing available in a variety of packing compositions to meet your system's pressure requirements.

8. Limit Stops

LIMIT STOPS, when engaging stuffing box end, prevent slip from being pulled out of body. Limit stops are of stainless steel, designed for full line pressure thrust at 1 ½ times design pressure.

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